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As parents our roles are diverse and we endeavour to raise our children to be the best versions of themselves in today’s global and ever changing world. One of the most important aspects of our role is to guide their education. Discussion continually abounds on which curricula, which schools and which countries are better. The fact of the matter is no school or curricula are perfect. The key question/discussion should always be which school, curricula, and later on university, is best for my child? This should be the most important question for all parents.

Education is not solely about achieving academically or doing well in examinations. Equally if not more important, is the development of the whole child. It is about equipping each and every student with a “toolbox” of the skills, experiences and attitudes, not only to get into the university of his/her choice, but to succeed in that university and beyond. At The Codrington School, that is not only our goal, but our mission and the reason we became an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School.

The Codrington School, The International School of Barbados has been an IB World school since 2002. From the first 8 students, it has grown into a thriving, 170 strong, International Baccalaureate (IB) community catering for students between the ages of 3 – 18 within its 3 academic programmes.

The school is a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS), the European Council of International School (ECIS) and is fully accredited by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) as an IB World School offering the Primary, Middle and Diploma Programmes.

The goal of Codrington and the IB encompass developing future leaders – people who know how to communicate, collaborate and who know the value of teamwork. People who can problem solve, analyze, who are versatile and have a global perspective. The IB curricula develop what our ever changing world needs: individuals that can make a difference – who have developed the compassion and sense of public duty to contribute. Individuals who do not only think locally but globally and strive to be the best they can be.

The IB accomplishes this through a student centered approach that focuses upon inquiry, action and reflection and which develops globally engaged and internationally minded individuals. Codrington students of all ages come to school with their own learning styles, strengths and challenges; they have combinations of unique and shared patterns of values, knowledge and experience of the world. Promoting open communication based on understanding and respect, the IB encourages students to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners.

University Readiness
As we talk of university readiness and embarking upon the university admissions process, we ultimately focus our attention on the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (16-19). This globally respected Diploma Programme is known for its academic rigor combined with a broad educational experience and a holistic approach. The Diploma Programme develops students that top universities seek: students with expert subject knowledge; with a skill set essential for university success (research and evaluation, essay writing, presentation skills, referencing,); a thirst for intellectual inquiry; the ability to think critically and to continually challenge ideas and ask questions.

Universities are exceptionally aware of this. It is reflected in the offer and acceptance rates for IB Diploma students; which is higher than any other post-16 system (e.g. A-levels, Cape, AP, etc.). Universities in many countries, especially the US, Canada and the UK hold the programme in very high regard. So great is the influence of the IB Diploma Programme on university acceptance that it has prompted Marlyn McGrath Lewis, Dean of Admissions at Harvard University to comment:

“Success in an IB program correlates well with success at Harvard. We are always pleased to see the credentials of the IB Diploma Program on the transcript. GPA is not nearly as important a factor in university admission as the IB Diploma. If a student has to choose, choose the Diploma over protecting the GPA.”

The above has also been confirmed by independent studies, and it is understood that the IB increases students’ academic achievement, college readiness, university acceptance rate and the probability of high school graduation and college enrollment. Other independent studies prove that IB students are well-prepared to succeed in post-secondary study. And, perhaps most importantly, they are set to make important and inspiring contributions to their communities, and will help achieve the IB’s mission of education for a better world.

Codrington’s success
Why is The Codrington School so successful? There is no great secret…it is essentially down to passionate , highly qualified and very experienced teachers, a quality curriculum, engaged and driven students, and an academically focused environment where students are encouraged to be themselves and to realize their potential.

The Codrington School Diploma students have access to thirteen taught courses at Higher and Standard Level as well as the ability to take an online course to personalize their academic journey. Codrington is a Wi-Fi school with small class sizes, which not only creates an invaluable learning environment but ensures that student support, participation and engagement are central to the journey and an essential component in their ultimate achievements.

On the theme of success, the Class of 2019 achieved 100% pass rate in the IB Diploma examinations, which compares to a global pass rate of 79.4%. In fact the school has achieved a 100% pass rate in the IB Diploma in the last 4 years. This gives our graduating students access and a highly competitive edge when applying to universities around the globe.

Where our students go…
Graduating from The Codrington School and the IB allows students to make international applications that are recognized and highly regarded by all universities across the world. In the words of Christoph Guttentag, Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Duke University,

“One of the advantages of the IB curriculum is its structure and quality.  It is a coordinated program, well established, well known and well respected.  We know the quality of IB courses, and we think the IB curriculum is terrific.”

The Codrington School’s students have secured places, including scholarships, at top universities around the world. They have gone on to follow their passions, studying at universities in:

  • UK – Warwick, Imperial College, Edinburgh, Exeter, Manchester, UEA, Sussex, Birmingham
  • USA – Emory, Syracuse, Miami, Tampa and George Washington, Missouri
  • Canada – McGill, Laurier, Toronto, Waterloo, Guelph, Western, Ontario, British Columbia and Ryerson
  • Spain – Instituto Empresa Business School and Navarra
  • France – American University of Paris
  • As well as in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Italy and of course Barbados.

This vast array of admissions not only speaks volumes of our graduates, seeking to break down boundaries and challenge themselves in different environments, but also speaks to the high esteem and global recognition given to an IB education. An education which can make “the world your oyster” when looking at University and further educational opportunities.

Many of our students, on the strength of their IB Diploma scores, have been offered and/or received merit based or automatic scholarships and bursaries at university. This has led to a significant reduction in fees, awarding of university credits and to shortening the length of undergraduate Bachelor’s degrees from four to three years.

The Diploma Programme
The Diploma Programme entails studying 6 academic subjects including the Arts, Experimental Sciences, Individuals and Societies, English, a Second Language and Mathematics. Typically three are taken at higher level and the remaining three are taken at standard level, allowing students breadth but also the ability to specialize in certain areas.

The components which make the IB worth even more than the sum of its parts are the three core elements – the Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge and CAS (Creativity, Action, Service). The extended essay is a 4,000-word piece of original research, tackling a specific question composed by the student and supported by a supervisor. The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course is, in essence, similar to the epistemology courses offered at many universities. Throughout the course, students reflect critically, consider the role and nature of knowledge, become aware and recognize the need to act responsibly in an increasingly interconnected but uncertain world. CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) focuses upon the importance of life outside the world of scholarship, providing a refreshing balance with academic pressure and studies. The IB recognizes that education does not begin or end in the classroom. CAS provides a framework for experiential learning through service and reflection on that learning. It focuses on encouraging students to “get involved” and “give back” while at the same time stepping outside of their comfort zones.  Community and Service not only gives a valuable insight to the character of a student, it is now becoming very important in advancement as universities and employers are increasingly looking for individuals “who can make a difference” and offer an alternative skillset.

To find out more about the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (16-19) and The Codrington School you are cordially invited to one of our Open Houses this month or alternatively contact our Director of Admissions and Communication, Samantha Lorde, at

Open Houses

Open House Student ages Date Time
Diploma Programme 16-19 Tuesday November 12th 8:30 – 10:30
Middle Years Programme 11-16 Tuesday November 26th 8:30 – 10:30
Primary Years Programme 3-11 Wednesday November 27th 8:15 – 10:30

For further information please browse our website at or that of the International Baccalaureate (IB) at

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